New Ariens Arrow

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • Demonstration Available
  • 32″ or 36″ Deck
  • Mulching or Side Discharge
  • Kawasaki Engine
  • Stand on zero turn mower
  • 5 year / 1000 hour warranty


The Ariens Arrow Mower represents a pinnacle of efficiency and manoeuvrability, tailored for precise lawn maintenance in both residential and commercial settings. With its array of features and customizable options, it stands as a testament to Ariens’ commitment to quality and innovation.

The Arrow mower is available with a choice of a 32 inch or 36 inch cutting deck. These sizes provide versatility to cater to various lawn sizes and terrain types, ensuring efficient and precise mowing. Users have the option to choose between mulching or side discharge, depending on their preferences and the specific needs of their lawn. Mulching chops grass clippings finely, returning them to the lawn as nutrient-rich mulch, while side discharge expels clippings to the side for easy clean up.

Powering the Arrow Mower is a robust Kawasaki engine renowned for its reliability, power, and smooth performance. The engine delivers ample power to the cutting deck, ensuring consistent and efficient mowing, even in challenging conditions. The Arrow Mower features a stand on zero turn design, providing exceptional manoeuvrability and control. This allows operators to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces with ease, maximizing productivity and reducing mowing time. The Ariens Arrow Mower is backed by an impressive 5 year or 1000 hour warranty, demonstrating Ariens’ confidence in the mower’s durability, quality, and performance.

Overall, the Ariens Arrow Mower offers unmatched efficiency, manoeuvrability, and reliability for lawn maintenance professionals and homeowners seeking a high-performance mowing solution. With its choice of deck sizes, mulching or side discharge options, powerful Kawasaki engine, stand-on zero-turn design, and generous warranty, it provides exceptional value and performance for maintaining pristine lawns.

Demonstrations offer potential buyers the opportunity to see the mower in action before making a purchase.