New Pottinger Novacat 302ED

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • Rear mount mower
  • 3.04m working width
  • 7 mower discs
  • Wear Skids
  • 14 easy change blades
  • Steel tine conditioner
  • Category 2 rear three point linkage
  • Mechanical breakaway device


The Pottinger Novacat 302ED is a rear mount mower designed for cutting and conditioning grass or forage. Comes with wear skids, which help protect the mower and control cutting height. Pottinger mowers feature a design that allows for convenient and quick blade replacement. Equipped with a steel tine conditioner, which helps in conditioning the cut forage for better drying.

The mower is ready for use in the 2024 season, allowing farmers to plan and prepare for their harvesting operations.

Demonstration offers potential buyers the opportunity to see the mower in action, providing a first hand experience of its performance.

The Pottinger Novacat 302ED is a reliable and efficient mower for grass or forage cutting and conditioning. The wear skids, easy change blades, and steel tine conditioner are features that contribute to its functionality and ease of use. The availability for the upcoming season and the option for a demonstration can be beneficial for farmers looking to evaluate its suitability for their specific needs.