Ex Demo Deutz 5125 Tractor with Loader

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • 120HP boosted to 126HP
  • 4 cylinder stage V engine
  • 40km/h transmission
  • Powershuttle with “Stop & Go”
  • Air suspension seat
  • Air conditioning
  • Passenger seat
  • Category 2 rear linkage
  • Mechanical rear spools
  • 540-540E-1000 rear PTO
  • Hydraulic trailer brakes
  • 420/70R24 front tyres
  • 480/70R34 rear tyres
  • With Stoll Loder with euro brackets
  • Demonstrations Available
  • Standard warranty: 1 year / 1000 hour warranty
  • Extra warranty: 3 year / 3000 hour warranty


The Deutz 5125 is equipped with a 4-cylinder Stage V engine capable of producing 120 horsepower, which can be boosted to 126 horsepower. This model features a 40km/h powershuttle transmission with a “Stop & Go” function, which enables smoother and more convenient control during operation. Air suspension seat provides a more comfortable ride for the operator by absorbing shocks and vibrations. Full air conditioning which keeps the tractor cabin cool and comfortable for the operator, enhancing working conditions. Passenger seat. Category 2 rear linkage. Mechanical rear spools with rear hydraulic outlets. Different power take-off (PTO) speed options for various implements. 420/70R24 front tyres and 480/70R34 rear tyres. The tractor comes with a Stoll FZ39-27 loader with euro brackets and third service. Comes with hydraulic trailer brakes.

The standard warranty of the tractor is for one year or up to 1000 operating hours, offering basic protection for the initial period of ownership. This extended warranty provides additional coverage, spanning three years or up to 3000 operating hours, offering a more extended period of protection for the tractor.

There are financing options available for potential buyers with a 0% interest rate. This can be an attractive option for those looking to spread the cost of the tractor over time.