New LWC 6ft Topper

£1,740.00 (ex VAT £1,450.00)

  • 6ft Topper Slasher
  • PTO with shearbolt
  • Adjustable skids


The topper has a cutting width of 6 feet, making it suitable for cutting and maintaining vegetation in agricultural or grassy areas. It is powered by a Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft connected to a tractor. The shearbolt is a safety feature that helps protect the equipment in case of an overload or obstruction. Skids are located on the sides of the topper and can be adjusted to control the cutting height. This feature allows the operator to adapt the topper to different terrain and cutting conditions. A fully adjustable 3 point linkage frame allows the operator to have the topper in line or semi offset.

This type of equipment is commonly used for pasture management, field maintenance, and general vegetation control in agricultural settings. The 6ft width makes it suitable for smaller to medium-sized tractors, and the adjustable skids provide flexibility in managing the cutting height.