New Kidd 9ft Topper

£3,360.00 (ex VAT £2,800.00)

  • 9ft Topper
  • PTO with shearbolt and overrun clutch
  • Adjustable skids
  • Gearbox shaft driven
  • Twin timed rotors


This Kidd 9ft topper has a cutting width of 9 feet, making it suitable for cutting and maintaining vegetation in agricultural or grassy areas. The Power Take-Off (PTO) has a shearbolt which is designed to break under excessive load, protecting the equipment from damage and the overrun clutch allows the topper to disengage from the PTO when it’s not actively being powered, both of which are safety features.

Skids are located on the side of the topper where you can customize the cutting height according to your needs or the type of vegetation you’re working with. The topper is powered by a gearbox, and the power is transmitted to it through a shaft. This design is common in agricultural machinery.

The topper has two timed rotors which are synchronized to operate in a coordinated manner for efficient and effective cutting. Overall, it is a robust and versatile piece of equipment designed for cutting or clearing vegetation in agricultural or landscaping applications. The features mentioned highlight safety, adjustability, and efficiency in operation.