New Merlo TF33.7-115

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • Deutz 115hp Engine
  • 3.3T Lift Capacity
  • 6.8m Lift Height
  • Boom Suspension
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Seat
  • Demonstrations Available
  • 2 year / 2400 hour warranty


Powered by a Deutz engine with a horsepower rating of 115. Capable of lifting loads up to 3.3 tonnes. The Merlo TF33.7-115 provides a maximum lifting height of 6.8 metres. Boom Suspension which helps to enhance stability and control during driving and lifting operations. Equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable operator environment, especially in varying weather conditions. Air suspension seat provides a comfortable seating option for the operator.

Demonstrations can be particularly valuable in assessing the Merlo’s performance in real-world conditions.

2 year / 2400 hour warranty: Comes with a warranty covering two years or up to 2400 operating hours, providing assurance for the initial period of ownership.

There are financing options available for potential buyers with a 0% interest rate. This can be an attractive option for those looking to spread the ost of the telehandler over time.

The Merlo TF33.7-115 is a very versatile telehandler with a focus on operator comfort, stability, and performance whist remaining compact. Demonstrations can be valuable for potential buyers to assess the telehandler’s capabilities in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the warranty and finance offers provide added flexibility and confidence to buyers.