New Fleming TOP4 Topper

£1,195.00 (ex VAT £995.83)

  • 4ft working width
  • Adjustable headstock
  • Inline and semi offset
  • Adjustable side skids
  • Swing tip blades
  • Single gearbox
  • Other sizes are available


The Fleming 4ft TOP4 topper is a highly efficient agricultural implement designed to facilitate vegetation management tasks with ease and precision. With a working width of 4ft, this topper offers sufficient coverage for clearing overgrown areas, maintaining pasturelands, and ensuring optimal grassland management.

Featuring an adjustable headstock, the Fleming 4ft topper can be easily attached to various sizes of tractors, allowing for seamless integration into different farming operations. Its versatility is further enhanced by its ability to operate in both inline and semi-offset configurations, providing flexibility to suit different field conditions and terrain types.

Equipped with adjustable side skids, this topper enables users to customize cutting height, ensuring consistent performance across varying grass lengths and ground contours. The inclusion of swing-tip blades enhances operational efficiency by minimizing the risk of damage from unseen obstacles such as stones or tree stumps, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Powered by a single gearbox, the Fleming 4ft topper delivers reliable performance while simplifying maintenance requirements. This gearbox efficiently transfers power from the tractor to the cutting mechanism, ensuring smooth and consistent operation even during prolonged use.

Farmers and agricultural contractors can choose from a range of sizes to meet their specific land management needs. Whether clearing brush, maintaining field margins, or grooming paddocks, the Fleming 4ft topper offers the durability, versatility, and precision required to achieve optimal results.

In conclusion, the Fleming 4ft topper exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing high-quality agricultural machinery that meets the diverse needs of modern farming practices. With its adjustable features, durable construction, and efficient design, this topper is a valuable asset for farmers seeking to enhance productivity and maximize land utilization.