New Wessex AF Quad Flail Mower

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • 1.2m – 1.6m working width
  • Adjustable drawbar
  • Rear roller
  • Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Flotation tyres
  • Wheels can be side or rear mounted
  • Other sizes are available


The Wessex AF quad flail mower is a robust and versatile agricultural implement designed to tackle a variety of grass cutting and land maintenance tasks with ease and efficiency. Available in working widths ranging from 1.2m to 1.6m, this mower offers flexibility to suit different land sizes and requirements.

One of the standout features of the Wessex AF quad flail mower is its adjustable drawbar, which allows for easy attachment to various types of vehicles or implements. This adjustability ensures compatibility with different towing configurations, providing convenience and versatility for operators.

Equipped with a rear roller, this flail mower ensures a consistent cutting height and helps to create a striped finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the mowed area. The rear roller also contributes to stability and traction, particularly on uneven terrain, ensuring smooth and uniform operation.

Powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine, the Wessex AF quad flail mower delivers reliable performance and ample power to tackle dense vegetation and tough cutting conditions. Briggs and Stratton engines are known for their durability, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance, making them well-suited for agricultural applications.

The inclusion of flotation tires enhances manoeuvrability and minimizes ground compaction, allowing the mower to traverse various terrains with minimal impact on soil health. Additionally, the option to mount the wheels either at the side or rear provides flexibility to suit different operating preferences and requirements.

Farmers and landowners can choose from a range of sizes to match their specific land management needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether maintaining pastures, clearing overgrown areas, or grooming field margins, the Wessex AF quad flail mower offers reliable performance and exceptional cutting quality.

In summary, the Wessex AF quad flail mower combines durability, versatility, and precision to deliver professional-grade results in grass cutting and land maintenance applications. With its adjustable drawbar, rear roller, Briggs and Stratton engine, flotation tires, and range of available sizes, it is a valuable tool for efficiently and effectively managing vegetation in agricultural settings.