New Fleming TR2 Trailer

£3,900.00 (ex VAT £3,250.00)

  • 2 Tonne tipping trailer
  • 2600mm body length
  • 1370mm width
  • Hydraulic tipping
  • 10×80-12 tyres
  • Optional lights
  • Optional mesh sides


With a capacity of 2 tons, the Fleming TR2 trailer is well-suited for a wide range of hauling tasks on the farm or construction site. Whether transporting silage, grain, fertilizer, or construction materials, its spacious and sturdy platform provides ample space and support for various loads.

One of the standout features of the TR2 trailer is its ease of use and convenience. Equipped with drop-down sides and a rear tailgate, loading and unloading materials is quick and effortless. Additionally, the TR2 trailer comes with hydraulic tipping functionality, allowing for efficient discharge of loads at the desired location.

Fleming offers a range of optional extras for the TR2 trailer, including high mesh sides, grain chutes, and LED lights, allowing users to customize the trailer to suit their specific needs and preferences. With its versatility, reliability, and customizable features, the Fleming TR2 Trailer is an indispensable tool for farmers, contractors, and landscapers alike, providing efficient and dependable transport solutions for a variety of applications.