New Fleming 8ft Roller

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • 8ft Working Width
  • Can be Water Filled
  • Drawbar
  • 3 Point Linkage
  • Scraper Bar
  • Other sizes available


The Fleming 8ft roller represents a durable and versatile solution for land preparation and maintenance in agricultural settings. With its 8ft working width, this roller efficiently covers large areas, providing uniform compaction and smoothing of the soil surface.

One notable feature of the Fleming roller is its capability to be water-filled, enhancing its effectiveness in soil compaction. By filling the roller with water, users can increase its weight, thereby enhancing compaction force and improving soil levelling. This feature is particularly beneficial for seedbed preparation, weed control, and overall soil management.

Equipped with a drawbar and 3-point linkage system, the Fleming roller is easily attachable to tractors, offering convenient transportation and operation across various terrains. The drawbar ensures simple hitching to the tractor, while the 3-point linkage provides stability and control during use, enabling efficient and precise rolling operations.

The inclusion of a scraper bar is another practical feature of the Fleming roller. This scraper bar helps to keep the roller clean during operation by preventing the accumulation of debris, ensuring consistent performance and reducing maintenance needs.

Furthermore, Fleming offers a range of sizes beyond the 8ft model, catering to different land management requirements and preferences. Whether for smaller-scale operations or larger agricultural projects, Fleming provides rollers of various sizes to suit diverse needs.

In summary, the Fleming roller combines durability, functionality, and versatility to deliver effective land preparation and maintenance solutions for farmers and landowners. With its water fillable design, drawbar, 3-point linkage, scraper bar, and range of available sizes, it stands as a reliable tool for achieving optimal soil compaction and surface smoothing in agricultural applications.