New Wessex STC Collector

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • 1.2m or 1.8m working width
  • Flail collector
  • Scarifier collector
  • Sweeper collector
  • PTO driven
  • High tip collector
  • Wide turf tyres
  • Adjustable drawbar
  • Simple height adjustment


The Wessex STC Collector is a multifunctional machine designed to streamline various ground care tasks, offering flexibility and efficiency for maintaining lawns, parks, and other green spaces. Available in two working width options, 1.2 meters and 1.8 meters, this machine caters to different scale operations while ensuring consistent performance.

Equipped with a flail collector mechanism, the STC Collector efficiently cuts and collects grass clippings, leaves, and other debris, leaving behind a clean and tidy surface. The flail design ensures thorough collection and effective processing of vegetation.

In addition to collecting grass and debris, the STC Collector offers scarifying capabilities, allowing operators to effectively remove thatch and moss from the lawn surface. This promotes healthy grass growth and improves overall turf quality.

The machine features a sweeping brush mechanism that sweeps debris into the collector, ensuring thorough cleaning across the entire working width. This sweeping action enhances collection efficiency and leaves surfaces immaculately clean.

The STC Collector is PTO driven, utilizing power from the tractor to operate its cutting and collection mechanisms. This ensures consistent performance and reliable operation, even in demanding conditions. With a high tip collector, the STC Collector facilitates easy and convenient unloading of collected debris. This feature minimizes manual handling and speeds up the collection process, improving overall productivity. Wide turf tires provide stability and traction on various terrain types, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing turf damage during use. The adjustable drawbar allows operators to customize the height and angle of the machine, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with different towing vehicles. The STC Collector offers simple height adjustment mechanisms, allowing operators to quickly and easily adjust the cutting height to suit different turf conditions and cutting requirements.

Overall, the Wessex STC Collector combines versatility, efficiency, and ease of use, making it a valuable asset for groundskeepers, landscapers, and homeowners seeking reliable ground care solutions. With its range of features and capabilities, it provides consistent performance across a variety of ground care tasks, ensuring pristine and well-maintained outdoor spaces.