New Wessex WFM Flail Mower

Call For Price: 01483 200516

  • 1.25m, 1.45m, 1.75m, 2.20m working width
  • Manual side shift on 1.25m
  • Hydraulic side shift on 1.45m and above
  • Adjustable rear roller
  • Centre gearbox
  • Hammer flails
  • Serrated mulching bar
  • Other sizes are available


The Wessex WFM flail mower is a versatile and durable agricultural implement designed to tackle a variety of vegetation management tasks with ease and precision. Available in working widths ranging from 1.25m to 2.20m, this flail mower offers flexibility to suit different land sizes and requirements.

One of the notable features of the Wessex WFM flail mower is its side shift functionality. Models with a working width of 1.25m are equipped with manual side shift. Larger models with a working width of 1.45m and above, hydraulic side shift functionality provides added convenience and precision, enabling operators to make adjustments from the tractor seat.

Equipped with an adjustable rear roller, the Wessex WFM flail mower allows operators to customize cutting height and achieve consistent results across different terrains and vegetation types. The rear roller also helps to maintain an even cutting height and provides stability during operation.

Powered by a center gearbox, this flail mower delivers reliable performance and ample power to tackle dense vegetation and tough cutting conditions. The centre gearbox efficiently transfers power from the tractor to the cutting mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and consistent performance.

The Wessex WFM flail mower is equipped with hammer flails, known for their durability and cutting efficiency. These flails effectively shred vegetation into fine particles, facilitating faster decomposition and nutrient recycling in the soil. Additionally, a serrated mulching bar further enhances mulching capabilities, ensuring a finer finish and promoting healthier grass growth.

Farmers and landowners can choose from a range of sizes to match their specific land management needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether maintaining pastures, clearing overgrown areas, or grooming field margins, the Wessex WFM flail mower offers reliable performance and exceptional cutting quality.

In summary, the Wessex WFM flail mower combines durability, versatility, and precision to deliver professional-grade results in vegetation management applications. With its side shift functionality, adjustable rear roller, centre gearbox, hammer flails, and serrated mulching bar, it is a valuable tool for efficiently and effectively managing vegetation in agricultural settings.